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This is The Freedom Rebel Club Baby!

I have a dream; It’s more of an objective, really. It is to live a life free from the bonds of mindless obedience. That doesn’t mean that I don’t consider the needs and feelings of others; I’m not an asshole. It doesn’t even mean that I am unwilling to live without a sense of community. I believe in the idea of government and paying my fair share of taxes. I also believe in laws that protect me from harm or loss. Just as important is accessible justice, education, and healthcare for all; these are the cornerstones of any civilized society.

The problem

Most governments are massive tax gobbling juggernauts that control every facet of our lives. I don’t mind paying taxes to ensure every kid gets the same crack at an education, that every citizen gets the same standard of healthcare, that everyone has access to public court houses where justice is non-biased and retribution is swift. But big governments need big budgets and they always end up compounding costs with bureaucratic red tape while infringing on our God given right to self-determine.

Our justice system has been hijacked by a private organization known as the “Bar Association” who has buried our common-law system under a mountain of contract law with which the masses blindly comply.

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This is only the surface conversation. Underneath lies the relationship between corporations and governments. Corporate-friendly policy making and over-taxation breeds debt slavery which is then passed on to the next generation in the form of government deficits. Over time, this becomes normalized as we find ourselves in a perpetual loop of debt and taxes.

Another big part of this is educational indoctrination. The system is teaching our children to go to school, get in debt, pay your taxes, and trust your government. Obey, obey, obey. Young adults will struggle to get a modest business start-up loan but they will be freely issued generous student loans so they can learn to become happy employees. Yet there is very little education about how to manage money, run your own business, and stay out of debt. Why is that?

The reaction

We are living through an example of this paradigm right now! Reckless tax spending by over-reaching governments in response to a perceived crisis has done nothing but stall the economy and create unnecessary debt. Massive money creation by central banks will soon manifest as hyperinflation, which will lead to the collapse of all world currencies. This will result in a massive transfer of wealth and tough times ahead for those who are not in a position to weather this storm.

Governments and market analysts will blame it on the crisis but ,deep down, anyone who is awake will know that none of this makes sense. The perceived crisis did not coerce us into stifling our economy; governments did that under the guidance of unelected health bureaucrats.

What is behind all of this? We have responded to this threat several times in the same way and none of these occasions have proven effective. In fact, no intervention tactic, not one, has deterred the formation of this familiar historical pattern that has predictably unfolded. Yet, under the guidance of lofty figure heads, we obey and comply. And for what?

The question is, who stands to gain?

The solution

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”

-Thomas Jefferson-

Protesting has been met with police resistance around the world. A massive corporate media campaign has crammed a never-ending saga of fear and shame down the throat of humanity. Platform censorship and woke-liberalist ideology has suppressed opposing information or deemed it harmful and offensive. Petitioning our representatives has gone broadly ignored and elections are pointless because there is no notable difference between political parties anymore. So many people on all levels seem so bought in or, at the very least, are silently acquiescing. United non-compliance in the face of legitimized power seems futile, especially since so few are participating.

So what is the answer?

The answer is simpler than you think:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

First, read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. The most important lesson one can learn from this book is that in order to win, one must learn the enemy’s tactics and use them against him.

Then, watch this video of Godfrey Bloom explaining to parliament why the whole banking system is a scam. Really think hard about what banks, governments and corporations are getting away with and then ask yourself why we should be so loyal to a system so corrupt.

Next comes a transition of the mind, for it is only in the mind that we can truly be free. Claim your right to self-determine and shed your indoctrinated guilt. Do whatever is necessary to navigate corruption, because the system is rigged. Start thinking like a banker, talking like a politician, living like you own yourself because you do. What are you afraid of? What do you have to loose? Shed your fear, break your chains, and join the club. The Freedom Rebel Club

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