Can We Please Start Learning Our History?

We suffer from generational amnesia. If we didn’t, we would see that the conflict with Russia and the Ukraine is still really about Russia and the U.S. Don’t believe me? Allow me to convince you.

The Media: A long history of one sided stories

There has been a long-standing tradition to eat whatever shit sandwich that is served up by corporate media without any objective thought or investigation. This manipulation seems to affect weak minds and intellectuals alike. These spins are always supported by bought-off bureaucrats who repeat repeat repeat the narrative until it is accepted by the majority as truth. Any dissidents are publicly shamed, silenced, and even jailed (sound familiar?). Prophets and philosophers have written in great detail about this dystopian tool for centuries. Control of information is vital to keep people distracted from what truly lies beneath. But why do we keep falling for this? And why is a scandal so quickly forgotten and so easily replaced by another one?

Communism VS. Democracy: The Struggle of Good against Evil

That’s really what the media’s painted picture looks like, isn’t it? But let’s go back to the 1950s and look at the other side of the story; enter Cuba:

The 1950s in Cuba were wrought with government corruption and foreign interference, both corporate and political (these always goes hand in hand). In 1952, Fulgencio Batista took power as the result of a U.S. backed military coup that would ultimately spark the Cuban revolution. Why am I bringing this up? Because Cuba is a shining example of how the U.S. can and has meddled in foreign affairs and lied about it for over a century. Let me try to break this down as painlessly as possible:

  • 1952-In the months that followed the overthrow, attempts for legal remedy by a young lawyer named Fidel Castro proved fruitless in ousting Batista and restoring the democratic process
  • 1953 – A rebel army, led by Castro and his brother launched an attack on the Cuban military that would land them in prison under heavy sentences
  • 1955 the Cuban people were getting screwed. Civil unrest due to job shortages and wealth gaps pressured Batista into a peace offering; the release of the Castro brothers (Batista’s big mistake)
  • 1956-1958 These years saw much bloodshed and U.S. meddling on both sides of the conflict. In the end, Castro and company emerged victorious over Batista and the U.S. was not happy about it
  • 1961 – The U.S. government funded and facilitated a massive military attempt to dethrone Castro and put their man, Batista, back in control of Cuba. The attempt failed and Cuba turned to the U.S.S.R. for protection.
  • 1962 – The Cuban Missile Crisis – In the background, the U.S. was planting nuclear arms bases in the countries of their NATO pals, Turkey and Italy, within range of Moscow. So when Cuba turned to the U.S.S.R. for support, they saw an opportunity to level the atomic playing field. Who could blame them? They decided to build up a nuclear arsenal in Cuba so that they were able retaliate should the U.S. attack Moscow and also defend Cuba against an American invasion. When President Kennedy caught wind of the plan he responded by setting up a naval blockade that prevented further shipment of missiles to the island. What happened next? Russia turned around and went home

Hooray America!

American media presented the story as a heroic muscle flex by democracy that sent the communist bad guys running in fear. They also did a great job of vilifying Castro in the eyes of the entire western world, although he is revered as a hero by many Cubans even today. But the truth was that negotiations took place and, in the end, the leaders of two superpowers agreed to take measures that were in the best interest of their citizenry to avoid a whole bunch of suffering and death. Russia did remove their nukes from Cuba, yes. But what wasn’t broadly talked about was that it was in exchange for the removal of U.S. nukes from the NATO countries close to Moscow. They even threw in a promise that the U.S. would never try to invade Cuba again. Instead they just imposed heavy trade sanctions that resulted in material shortages and scarcity for the Cuban people for decades to come. “You see how communism works!?!” the western world shouted. “It impoverishes the people!” No, this is how corporatism and aristocracy works.

Fast Forward To Today: Russian invasion of Ukraine

Let me start by making a couple of statements:

  • Any major global media bomb that hits with excessive luster and is fraught with heroes, villains, catch phrases, and obvious photo ops needs to be red flagged and immediately scrutinized with critical, independent research
  • Censorship, cancellation, and suppression are sure signs of a cover-up. If it’s not objective journalism, it’s propaganda

Ask yourself something: Could the story really be this simple? A power hungry mad man just decides he is going to deploy the might of the Russian military into the Ukraine because he thinks that it is time that they become part of Russia? Putin is not stupid or naïve. He is aware of the global ramifications of this decision. So what’s really behind this then? Let’s take a look at the following map that outlines current positions of NATO countries in relation to Russia.

It is easy to figure out who is red and who is blue. It is also understandable that Russia is starting to feel a little surrounded. “Well NATO is a joint effort by many different countries.” you might say. Well, take a look at this bar chart that illustrates each country’s allocation of resources.

Wowsers! It seems as though the U.S. has more personnel in NATO countries than all the other members by far!

If you want a flavor for just how extensive the U.S. military presence is around the world, check out this video. It’s frightening, to say the least.

Quiz Time: Back to Cuba

Remember earlier when the U.S. freaked out because Russia tried to sneak a military base onto Cuba? Remember why? Remember how it got resolved? It was because Russia and the U.S. were able to sit down together and negotiate for the safety and security of their respective countries.

But now, with the buffer zone between the U.S…..cough…cough…I mean NATO and Russia slowly being whittled away, with the Ukrainian President’s lust for NATO membership, and with nobody heeding Russia’s warnings….You can say what you want about Putin, but one thing he is not is a bluffer.

I’m not going to get into the reasons why the American military industrial complex has bloated to global proportions and who’s interests it serves. That is a whole other novel. I will just leave you with an unpopular perspective: It can and should be argued strongly that America has provoked what is happening to the Ukraine right now and if they were willing to do what Russia was willing to do in 1962, all of this could have and should have been avoided.

God help all of those civilians who have fallen victim to another avoidable war.

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