Are We Back in The Roaring 20s?

And who the hell is George Santayana?

Seriously, ask yourself if this makes any sense. Many of the world’s governments are stifling their economies by shutting down businesses and imposing medical mandates as a condition of employment. Limiting capacities for indoor gatherings and paying people to stay at home instead of go to work. How are they paying for all of this? With the time honoured tradition of borrowing money from central banks with a promise to repay with future taxes.

But here’s the funny part: Stock exchanges are on a massive bull run. People are dumping subsidy money into this grand casino, creating massive bubbles and overvaluation. Hey, haven’t we seen this before? Here’s where we find out who the hell George Santayana is.

Just Another Re-run

Ok, here we go. George Santayana was a Spanish born philosopher who’s name has faded into the pages of history but, although his name is no longer familiar, his most famous catch-phrase still is.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

So let’s look at the events leading up to the 1920s and the proceeding consequences and then we will look at what is happening today:

Nurses of the Spanish flu
Nurses of the Covid-19 flu

1918, Before the Roar

  • a brutal global pandemic interrupted a perfectly good and profitable war
  • governments and media lied about it so as not to disrupt the war effort
  • masks and other restrictions did nothing to stifle the natural progression of the disease but were vehemently defended
  • estimated deaths spanned from 17 to 100 million. That is an extremely broad estimation!
  • Many experimental vaccines were developed that proved useless against the virus

2020, Year of Fear

  • A new kind of war; the information war
  • governments and media launched a massive fear campaign about a mild virus that is dangerous only to the sick and elderly
  • masks and other restrictions did nothing to stifle the natural progression of the disease but were vehemently defended
  • death counts were grossly exaggerated to maintain maximum panic among the population
  • massive profits were realized by pharmaceutical companies who rolled out a vaccine campaign that proved useless against the virus
1929 news
2020 market reaction after vaccine news

1920, The Roar

2022, Endemic

  • Post war optimism, high employment, disposable household income drove economic growth and a healthy stock market
  • invention of the radio and the automobile make information and location more accessible. Chain stores and media advertising created collectivism and “group think”. Consumerism was born
  • political shift to the right in the U.S. due to a global rise in communism
  • booze prohibition sparks underground industry and distain for law enforcement
  • racial tension rises due to high immigration from Africa. The blues and jazz scenes are hot
  • flapper girls revolutionize how urban America feels about women. Some found it fun and liberating while most rural folks viewed their behaviour as the downfall of society
  • Massive monetary incentives paid people to sit at home and brought the world’s economies to a grinding halt. Grotesque wealth transfers occurred with corporate online retailers and tech giants as remote working and boredom-shopping went through the roof
  • information censoring and media control created collectivism, “group think”, and social division ran rampant
  • political shift to the right due to rise in totalitarianism
  • Restrictions and mandates sparks distain for law enforcement
  • Media promoted stories of police brutality against black Americans. Sparked protests around the world.
  • Radical gender movement divided social groups further
News headline of 1930s stock market crash
Early claim by Fed that inflation is transitory has since been debunked

Just like that, the party’s over

Is this where we are headed?

  • A series of news releases, starting in 1929, from the most influential papers of the time spread fear and uncertainty through the investment world and a stock selling frenzy ensued
  • Some economic analysts hold the view that there is no other explanation for this series of horrendous crashes in an otherwise healthy economy other than an unfounded fear in the market.
  • Ever-growing stock market bubbles and a crypto-currency craze are seeing fortunes made overnight.
  • Recent mass currency printing by most of the world’s countries is feeding a hyper-inflationary scenario that has many popular investment personalities warning people to get their money out of the banks and hold physical assets
  • Government lockdowns and prolonged states of emergency have created supply chain interruptions and scarcity price hikes

What’s My Prediction?

Well, the 2020s don’t overlay the 1920s perfectly, but all the ingredients are present for a repeat. The 2020 health “crisis” came two years later than the 1918 “Spanish” flu. The roar of the 2020s came, oddly, during the current flu pandemic. Will we see prosperity into 2029? Most experts say we are already hanging by a thread and we could see major crashes as early as the first quarter of this year.

It is worth noting that a common tactic of global puppet masters to pull the economy out of a depression is a good old fashioned war. The stage for this is being set as I write this article. Do you really think these events are not orchestrated? Guess again.

So what is the safest, most solid way to deal with this? My philosophy is simple. Be as self-sufficient as possible and prepare for the worst case scenario. Another good rule of thumb is to follow successful people and do what they are doing. Right now, the ones I follow are moving their investments to gold and silver and cryptocurrencies. A lot of them are also buying up farmland. What does that tell you? It tells me that it’s time to join the club.

The Freedom Rebel Club


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