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The Occupy Wall Street movement

Ten years ago there was a movement that started on the doorstep of the New York stock exchange and, within months, it swept the globe. There were “Occupy” encampments in nearly every public park of every major city on the planet. Millions of people were engaged in the cause and the protests were massive. According to Wikipedia, the first protest to receive widespread attention was in New York City’s Zuccotti Park on September 17th, 2011. By October 9th, Occupy protests were happening in over 951 cities across 82 countries. How Did it Start? To answer this, we need to go back a few years to the bank bail-outs of 2008. Due to gross mismanagement, most banks and lending institutions were in big trouble. They were weeks away from imminent collapse. This would have resulted in a massive ripple in the global economy, affecting many lives. So how was this crisis averted? In the…

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Back to the Future Meme

How many times can a scam be perpetuated until the cycle of amnesia breaks? -drum roll, please-
As many times as you let it.
What can be done about this though? -symbol crash-
Wake your kids up to reality; the game is rigged. Teach them how to smell bullshit from a mile away. They will think you are crazy, sure, but someday a light will go on and that sweet smell of freshly squeezed cow dung will be detected from afar.

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Punk rock graffiti on a wall in Jaco Costa Rica

Most governments are massive tax gobbling juggernauts that control every facet of our lives. I don’t mind paying taxes to ensure every kid gets the same crack at an education, that every citizen gets the same standard of healthcare, that everyone has access to public court houses where justice is non-biased and retribution is swift. But big governments need big budgets and they always end up compounding costs with bureaucratic red tape while infringing on our God given right to self-determine.

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